Dec 2017 – Christmas Food & Wine

Dec 2017 – Christmas Food & Wine

Dec 2017 – Christmas Food & Wine

It was actually a bitterly cold, squalling night in Upton, the sort of night where you really don’t want to venture out to a (great) party….a night where the TV remote control and cosy fireside and/or slippers feel much more tempting. However, in the warm glow of the village hall, a large friendly Upton crowd arrived for the annual Upton Wine Club Christmas Meeting.

If you haven’t been before, this is a highlight of the Wine Club Calendar. For a little more than the average sub (still top value at £10), we walked through a re-enactment of Christmas Day with a delicious mini version of our Christmas festive food with some fantastic accompanying wines but no argumentative rellies!!

Overall the wines were carefully chosen to complement the food, splashing out a little but still all being excellent value. Everything from sparkling wine with brunch, to both white and red choices for Christmas lunch and some great dessert and cheese wines.

I felt it was a very good opportunity to work out exactly what wines went with what and to make a note of some very good wines if you fancy a treat at Christmas. The Committee speakers gave us some vital statistics and an insight into the pairing, enough to be both interesting and help guide us through.

Of course, if you’re not “doing Christmas” this year, it didn’t matter as it was a very lively, fun evening with everyone chatting as we wandered around the room taking in the atmosphere. When the full hall lights came on at clearing up time, there was a distinctive groan from the crowd.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 17th January where our guest speaker will be Tim North presenting “Joie de Vin” – a look at wines the French usually keep for themselves – artisan wines from small producers.

By then, I know it may well be even colder and more squalling and the fireside may look even more appealing but remember there will be a group of friendly Uptonites in the warm village hall ready to sample another 8 fab wines (with delicious nibbles) and a lot of fun company, all in for the bargain price of £5 AND no need to drive home! If you haven’t been before, please get in touch with us…..we’re a very welcoming and friendly bunch and we would love to see you!


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