February 2018 – Go Brazil

February 2018 – Go Brazil

February 2018 – Go Brazil

For the sixth (pretty full) meeting of the season, it was our unique opportunity to discover wines from Brazil. I have to confess I didn’t even know there was such a thing until our meeting, as I’ve never seen Brazilian wine in the supermarket. We normally associate Brazil with coffee or maybe sugar or chocolate, not wine, but not anymore!

We met Nicholas Corfe from Go Brazil Wines Go Brazil. He was a very engaging and amusing speaker and with much enthusiasm gave us a run through of some really interesting and unusual wines across a spectrum of different types, producers, vintages and grapes.

The whites included a champagne method fizz, a Riesling, a Moscato, and a Chardonnay. Although quite different from their European counterparts, with some really interesting aromas and flavours, there was definitely evidence of European influence.

The reds included a Teroldego and two Pizzatos, one a riserva that was 13 years old and one a very special gran riserva that was a mere 9 years old. Nicholas described the Teroldego as very “gluggable”. He wasn’t wrong, I found my glass empty within a matter of minutes and I don’t think I was alone.

Maybe some of these wines divided the room. Some people loved some of them and some loved others but they were all worthy of great respect: Classy wines, well balanced and with some unusual and subtle flavours.

Nicholas also talked us through pairings with food and so we tried our selection of nibbles against each wine reserving some of our cold meats for the final two weighty reds. The star of the food though has to be Frankie’s Brazilian cheese bread – absolutely delicious. Frankie said it was not difficult to make although I suspect she was being modest!

For more details of the wines sampled, please go to Twitter @UptonWine.

Go Brazil Wines is offering each wine to Upton residents at a discount for any orders in the near future. If you are interested in placing an order please speak to any member of the Wine Committee.

Another great night! Thanks to all involved in the organisation of a very enjoyable and fun evening.

If you would like to come along to the next meeting on 21st March 8pm, we will have another hopefully inspiring evening. Please don’t forget to book! Everyone is very welcome. If you’ve never been before, please give it a try. We would love to see you! Any enquiries, please contact Ian at ku.oc.oohay@yelgnal.nai


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