March 2018 – Cheese & Wine

March 2018 – Cheese & Wine

The theme of March’s Wine Club meeting was the ever-popular Wine and Cheese (via the Pangbourne Cheese Shop) pairing.

We had 4 Uptonites each sharing a couple of their favourite wine+cheese pairings, and a very delicious evening it was! Pairings included:

  1. a blushing pink New Zealand fizz with a lovely (and fat-free, if you don’t count the cream, double cream and crème fraiche ingredients) Delice de Cremiere from Burgundy.
  2. a Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux matched with a, in the words of the presenter, “not at all dungy” Crottin goats cheese (judging by the reaction in the room, a definite Marmite item – I loved it)
  3. a different, but nonetheless delicious Greek white against, what else, a rich Feta
  4. a very drinkable Italian red from Verona married up with a rich Grana Padano cheese from the “heel” of Italy
  5. a full-bodied Argentinian Malbec and a no-nonsense aged cheddar
  6. a second succulent Italian red, this time from the south of the peninsula and complemented by a very well received, tomato leaf wrapped Pecorino cheese
  7. a silky and absolutely mouth-watering Royal Tokaji (a personal fave, can you tell?) offset against a Montagnolo (a deceptively named, but gorgeous German blue cheese)
  8. a lovely organic port paired with a powerful, but smooth and creamy Spanish blue cheese.

All-in-all a gastronomic night had by all !

You can find more info on these wines on our Twitter page, @UptonWine, Also, as a group of confirmed wine-ophiles (as opposed to wino-philes) we are really keen to spread the word as far and wide as physically possible (within Upton).

Next outing is on 18th April at 8.00pm when Majestic will be inundating us with a fab selection of great Spring wines. Give it a go, you know you want to!

If you decide to come along please do let us know so we can be sure we have enough to go around. You can contact us here:

@UptonWine / /

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